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VR Climate Change Memorial

The ‘Virtual Reality Climate Change Memorial’ is set in a post-2050 future where some of the worst climate predictions have come true. Species going extinct, constant “natural" disasters, extreme weather conditions, cities drowning, millions displaced or homeless, food scarcity, extreme air pollution making it hard to breathe, and more. The memorial is a virtual space to grieve all that has been lost, away from the physical world that is in turmoil. As well as this function, considering the contemporary audience, the space also hopes to inform about climate change using factual evidence and compelling stories based on truth with the intent to ‘move’ the audience emotionally and to action. At its center is a graveyard of 100 entities predicted to be lost by the year 2050, beyond which are 'portals' a growing collection of creative responses to the idea detailed above. 


In an attempt to create a dynamic space with a range of interesting artworks that can intrigue a wide audience, I have opened the space to creative responses to the idea above from artists and creatives worldwide. As climate change is a global issue of which disastrous effects can already be seen escalating around the world, it is imperative that people from all walks of life get involved in the push towards hope for the future. If you are interested in submitting some work for this space please read the details below and get in touch with any questions.


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