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A transmedia journey to join a cult

Join us to meet our leader.

Begin your pilgrimage by visiting our Instagram @the8oc

The 8oc (The 8 Objective Cult) is a transmedia journey to join a cult with 8 Core Objectives, by going on a pilgrimage to meet its leader. This is an interactive, and immersive experience that acts as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). 


The journey begins on Instagram, goes through a 3D website, to a web game, onto an Android app with AR, and lastly a VR app. Here the ‘devotee’ gets to meet and talk to The Leader of The 8oc, a mysterious AI character. Having made it through this journey, the ‘devotee’ is accepted into the cult, and praised within the community, as well as given privileges such as being able to make decisions about the cult. 

The project explores the desire for status in the cult as an incentive to cross platforms in this transmedia experience.

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